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General Contractor

There are many types of contractors out there such as general contractors, Subcontractors, School Bus Contractors, Independent Contractors, Private Military Contractors, and many others. These amazing people perform many different functions when it comes to the construction, deconstruction, demolition, and remodeling of homes, buildings, roads, and many other types of facilities. They ensure that everything runs perfectly smoothly throughout the entire process of any construction job.

General Contractors

The General Contractor, otherwise known as a main contractor or prime contractor, is responsible for the oversight of a construction site as well as many other important jobs, such as the management and communication with vendors, trades, and other involved parties. He, or she, is involved with every step and decision made on a construction site whether it is a building, road, or other facility. It is his job to provide the materials, labor, equipment, and other necessities to the construction site.

Handyman Contractors

Handymen are the jack of all trades and are seen as people who complete the work for you, however contractors generally contract the work out for you. This would suggest that a handyman contractor would not only be completely involved in the work as well as the oversight of a project, but also would be responsible for all the materials and extra labor like a general contractor would. You would pay the handyman to perform tasks as well as contract tasks to other specialists.

Home Addition Contractors

A home addition contractor is responsible for the oversight of an addition which is being built onto an existing structure. This means that he performs all of the same tasks that a general contractor does, however he specializes specifically on the adding onto a home or other building structure. These types of contractors are extremely nice to have around if you intend to add onto your home. They ensure that the process is completed smoothly and also in a timely manner.

Residential General Contractors

This type of contractor is a remodeling specialist who will assist you in executing your home makeover dreams. They oversee the entire process of the remodeling while keeping you informed. This kind of contractor will ensure you understand what is going on throughout the remodeling process as well as oversee and manage the process from onsite and offsite. It is his job to get the project completed in a timely manner and handle any problems that may occur.

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